Justin Fleming

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the standalone expansion to the 2016 hit, Superhot, a game that has caused me more anxiety than I care to admit. The core gameplay mechanic such as time standing still and only moving when you move is still present, but this new edition expands on that, giving the player “hacks and cores” which amount to a health bar and random perks such as extra ammunition or a charge attack.

I must admit, knowing I have a health bar, or in this instance, three hearts of health, takes away from the original game’s stress. Knowing that I took even one hit and I was dead, caused me to be more cautious. In this version, I was trying to do my best John Wick impression and even if I did die, I at least took a few hits before doing so.

For a game with such a simplistic aesthetic, it is surprisingly beautiful and detailed. These read polygonal enemies stand out against the white background that is so detailed. Even though the game features three main colors, red, white, and black, it was still easy to tell what each location was due to the detail on the environments.

The hacks and cores system are a decent new addition to the series. Given the nature of the first game, it would be almost impossible to create a true sequel or expansion without shaking the gameplay up and this is a good way to keep the core game intact. Even though I said I would occasionally approach the game like John Wick, this is not the right way. The game rewards strategy and punishes those who opt to run and gun. The AI in the game is sharp and they will challenge you. The game gets progressively more difficult as it goes on so once you feel like you’ve mastered it, it will throw a curveball at you.

Overall this is a good game and one worth picking up, especially if you enjoyed the original.

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