Marvel’s Avengers Single Player Campaign Review

JUSTIN FLEMING I finished the highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers single player campaign yesterday and I’m honestly not sure how to feel. When the game was initially announced, I was full of excitement and like many people, that excitement vanished once the official gameplay reveal occurred last year. It’s a game I did not think about until the Spider-Man exclusivity deal…

Madden NFL 21 Review

Justin Fleming

The release of a new Madden game is usually cause for excitement but in recent years, the annual NFL release has been a little lackluster. Madden NFL 21 marks the end of an era as what could be the last Madden titles on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. With the world descending into chaos due to COVID and college and professional sports in limbo, we need this escape more than ever. Will EA deliver a touchdown or will they fumble at the goal line?

Destroy All Humans! Review

Unfortunately, I never did play the original Destroy All Humans when it was released in 2005 or any of the sequels and spinoffs. However, playing the remake of this fifteen year old game in 2020, has been a delight. For the sake of this review, I do not have anything to compare it to, so I will be approaching this game and review as a first time player to the franchise.