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Nerds with Mics is a gaming, tech, and pop culture podcast. In addition to the show, they also produce content for their website, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel. 

Ep. 43 - The State of Gaming

This week the nerds talk about Power Rangers, the Venom spinoff, and the new Spider-man Homecoming trailer. They also talk about the Justice League trailer, possible Star Wars cameos, and the Jumanji sequel. 

Then the nerds talk about PlayerUnknown's Battleground on Steam, The Hunter Call of the Wild, and the new Call of Duty possibly being set during World War II. 

Destiny 2 is announced, Lego City Undercover on the Switch has some possible controversy, and Gamestop is shutting down 150 stores. 

The nerds then go over iOS 10.3 before diving deeper into how gamers and gaming have changed and how the market has reacted.