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Games to Play if You Miss SOCOM

Last year I wrote an article titled, The State of SOCOM. I discussed my love and history for the beloved third person shooter that helped pioneer online multiplayer on consoles. It has been six years since we last had a new SOCOM game and five years since Zipper Interactive, the developer, closed its doors. While I haven’t been able to replace SOCOM, I have found a few games that helps make the void a little smaller.

5. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (XBOX ONE, PS4, PC)


When Wildlands was first demoed, it looked incredible. The Ghost Recon franchise had always been a solid third person shooter, however it was never on the same level of SOCOM. This new entry had so much hype before the open beta launched. When the beta launched, the quality of the game was questioned; mainly because it was a disaster. For a game that was supposed to launch a month later, it needed a lot of work. The launch was rough, at least for me, and the lack of PVP kind of killed off any interest I had in it. The game still featured solid third person mechanics, but the vehicles are just so clunky! However, there is some good news. A new game mode, Ghost War, will launch later this year and will feature 4v4 competitive multiplayer. We have yet to try this, but the inclusion of this game type could make this a game to play for SOCOM fans.

4. The Last of Us (PS3, PS4)


The hit PS3 turned PS4 games features a pretty solid online game mode called Factions. When you start you choose a permanent side and battle it out The game features multiple 4v4 game modes (what the heck happened to 8v8?) such as Supply Raid (Deathmatch with respawn), Survivor (Deathmatch with no respawn, SOCOM anyone?), and Interrogation (interrogate and then kill). This game features many high stress situations that will make any SOCOM vet feel right at home.

3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (XBOX ONE, PS4, PC)


This is a game that I am in love with. It is the first game since SOCOM II that has sucked me in on late night binges that would end when I should have been waking up. One more match turns into three more hours. Yes, this game is a first person shooter, but the amount of strategy, teamwork, and precision makes the game feel like a cousin of the SOCOM franchise. To top it off, Ubisoft has done an amazing job at keeping the game alive by providing free map updates and new operators to play as. The only paid DLC is cosmetic. The game is one of the most popular first person shooters on consoles and the game is only getting bigger. This is a must try for any SOCOM junkie in need of a relapse.

2. H-Hour (PC)


H-Hour was the spiritual successor to SOCOM that was… just kidding. Sorry to waste your time!

1. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PC, XBOX ONE and PS4 soon)


The game that has taken the world my storm, PUBG! This is the ultimate no respawn game as once you die, it is game over for you. The you vs. the world King of the Hill type gameplay has dominated the charts and is a ton of fun to play. With 100 player matches, a huge map, and weapons customization, any SOCOM fan will feel at home. Take a squad of you and three friends and raiding a city feels exhilarating and tense. The game just surpassed 7 million units sold and has beaten League of Legends on Twitch. BUY THIS GAME!

Well, that is all I have for you today. I will continue to make lists like this and hopefully I will catch all of you online in one of these games or SOCOM 5 or SOCOM Remastered when Sony realizes it is finally time.