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Alien: Covenant Review

HighSpeedT’s Spoiler Review

    I have been super eager to see this movie ever since I saw Prometheus, which I loved.  I was super excited to see what happened to David and Elizabeth. (the main characters from Prometheus) As a huge fan of the first 2 Alien films, (THERE IS ONLY 2 OF THEM) I have to love this one now right?  It has Alien in the title!  It MUST be great? Right?  …Eh.

    Ok, there’s definitely some cool shit in this film.  There’s gore.. a lot of gore.  There’s a lot of build up to get to what fans came to see, and I’m okay with that.  You have to build a story.  I get it.  But, this story is just ok.  To get to MY point without boring you, this movie is a bunch of stuff that the studio knows that audiences have liked in the past.  Like, an Alien 1-ish Ripley, a dick head android, chest busters, face huggers, predictable deaths like, “hey! I’m going to go clean myself off, all alone,” Alien being blasted off into space by the female lead, dumb smart people poking things they shouldn’t, Religion, and Michael Fassbender.  (to be fair, he was one of the best parts of this movie) 

    I know, it sounds like I hated the movie.  I definitely didn’t hate it, but I expected so much more.  The marketing for this movie was SUPER misleading.  The Aliens were not the villain.  The were actually underused.  For me, the worst part was that I expected closure in the Prometheus story line.  Dr. Shaw and David were on there way to find out why the engineers made humanity!  David killed Shaw and then released the virus that was intended for humans on the engineers.  So, in other words, they fucked Prometheus fans.  Another big con to this movie is the lead character, Danny. (atleast I think that’s her name). I could have cared less if she died.  She went from being a basic scientist to gun wielding semi-badass in about 10 minutes.  I just did not buy it.  The only character that I cared about was Tennessee, who was expertly portrayed by Danny McBride.  Fassbender was amazing, as always.  He plays two characters and blew my mind.  Even though I hated David’s progression from Prometheus, I got it.  It makes sense.  The best part of the movie is Ridley Scott’s directing.  The dude is truly a master of his craft and deserves the highest praise.  Seriously, the movie is gorgeous.

    Guys, in the end, Alien: Covenant is just okay.  I wanted so much more out of a Ridley Scot-helmed Alien film that is also a sequel to Prometheus.  While there are some cool scenes, the movie as a whole falls flat fore me and will definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth for sometime.  I’m giving Alien: Covenant, 6 creepy baby aliens, holding up their arms at Daddy Fassbender, out of 10.

Oh yeah! That was the easiest paycheck that James Franco has ever gotten.  Your performance was still better here than in Spider-Man 3.. just saying.