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Analogue NT Mini

Written by Sam Rizzo

In the world of game collecting Analogue is seen as a company that exists only for the 1% of collectors out there to whom money is not an issue. It's like they heard the classic line of “If you have to ask how much it is, it’s too much” and created an entire business model around that. Analogue recently dropped the NT 24k Gold edition. For the measly sum of $4999.00 it can be yours!

These sold out by the way

These sold out by the way

That’s not what I’m talking about today though. Instead we are taking a look at the Analogue NT Mini. Priced at the-much-lower-but-staggering-because-it's-still-an-NES-clone $449.00 this adorable little console boasts many features.

  • 1080p and RGB in just one console
  • 8bitdo NES30 (lag free, 20 hour battery) controller
  • It can also use about every iteration of wireless controllers in existence (PS3, PS4, every 8bitdo controller, Wii U Pro, and Wii-mote support, etc.)
  • It also has Everdrive and PowerPak support
  • It can be expanded and upgraded via SD slot
  • Supports Famicon Disk System but you need to own a Famicon Disk System (since it does not come with an equivalent clone)
  • Display Detection & Perfect Integer Scaling
  • Multiple Scan Line Options
  • Its PAL friendly
  • “Lag Free”

I’m having a hard time digesting all this, simply because it's five hundred dollars for what is essentially a Hyperkin product. Just a bit fancier. I don’t think I could ever be wealthy enough to justify such a large price tag for such a silly frivolous product. I don’t care how well it's made, how lifetime that warranty is, how wireless those controllers are, nor do I care about your HDMI outputs. I can get all that with plenty of other clone consoles out there on the market. I don’t care if they gutted original NES hardware and souped it up and made it current. We have plenty of hardware that exists that may not be original but does the exact same thing for way less. Just to dig in that knife a little bit, if you want a black one you better have an extra $49.00 available. I have to applaud Analogue for being so successful in such an unbelievably niche market though.

Every collector I know saw this release and just scoffed at how ridiculous this is, like we do every single time Analogue drops a product like this. What's the actual point of this? To brag online and to your friends that you are terrible with money and it's obvious that you’ve let your obsession with collecting anything and everything retro run your life? That’s all I’m getting by that. Anyone who’s spent a few moments on the Nintendo Age forums runs into the worst of the worst of the NES collecting scene and that’s who this is for. Elitist pricks who will rub this in your face and take your sarcastic remarks as a sign of jealousy. I guess I can admit that it does look cool, I’m sure it's made with only the best materials and it's been coded by the best software engineers but that’s just not enough to justify the existence of this product.

It makes me angry in a way because I feel like they’re trying to take advantage of collectors. There’s already enough of that in the collecting scene to begin with. How many of us have been burned by a broken cartridge or crappy knock off two-in-one console? While I’m sure this console will still be working long after the person who bought it’s dead, that’s still not enough to justify a price tag for any of these types of consoles. Five thousand for the Gold Plated NT, that’s the price of a very decent used car. Even five hundred for the NT Mini, there are so many other things you could use with that money. Pick up a Retron 5 and save your money. I guess if you’re a collector who already has everything, then sure, pick this up. For the rest of us who collect though, don’t buy into the hype.