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Logan Review

Written by Terry McCoy

This review will have MAJOR SPOILERS, as it would not be fun to talk about this film without mentioning all of the awesome.  If you have not seen Logan, I advise you to go see it BEFORE reading this review.  So, if you’re ready, or just could care less to have one of the biggest movies of the year spoiled for you, let’s do this.  You have been warned!

Logan is the latest entry in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men universe AND Hugh Jackman’s 9th performance as The Wolverine! Yeah!  The dude IS Wolverine.  The X-Men movies have had some very high points but of course they have had some low points. (We are all looking at you, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you son of a bitch) So how does THIS one, the first rated R Wolverine movie, stack up against the rest?  It is the best out of every one of them.  Seriously.

This is a different Logan.  This is a weathered dude. He drinks a lot throughout the movie.  He is not healing like he should be as he is scarred up, walks with a limp, and his knuckles get infected from using his claws, which we learn is caused by the adamantium in his body.  That would be a tough pill to swallow.  This is a guy who has 0 hope and doesn’t care about anything anymore.. Except for Charles Xavier.  

Logan and Professor X are in hiding.  Charles, like Wolverine, is sick and Logan is his care giver. Charles has a degenerative brain disease that causes him to have seizures.  Remember the scenes in the first few X-Men movies where Wheels would freeze all of the humans while the mutants walked around them?  Well, it’s like that, but fucking crazy.  It’s what killed the X-Men. For me, learning that, changed the entire movie.

When X-23 enters the movie, shit gets real.  Like the trailers depict, she is very much like Wolverine.  She has some sweet action scenes where she straight up decapitates dudes.  As a character, she is pivotal to the entire film.  At the start, she is a loner.  She never talks but always shows attitude.  Then in the last two acts, she has to talk and take care of Logan just as he took care of Xavier.  Like Travis said during the podcast, there are 2 relationships here: Logan and Charles, the father/son relation and Logan and Laura, the father/daughter relationship.  It was beautiful to see.

The death of Professor X definitely had me shedding some man tears.  I mean, the guy is pouring his heart out, to who he thinks is Logan, about how he remembers killing the X-Men and then gets killed by X-24, the direct clone of Wolverine.  One of the saddest scenes in the film was Logan rushing to his aid and saying, “That wasn’t me Charles, that wasn’t me.”  Then we get the scene where Logan and X-23 are burying the professor, and we see Logan shedding some tears as he knows that his father-like figure deserved better.  That definitely hit my soul.

In the finale, we get an awesome fight scene of young Wolvie (X-24) fighting Old Man Logan.  Well, I say fight scene, but I really mean we get to watch Logan get the life beat out of him (literally).  As X-24 throws Wolverine onto a shard from a tree stump, and is about to do even more damage, Laura shoots him in the head with the adimantium suicide bullet that Logan has carried around.  This isn’t like that scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where it makes a little hole and Wolverine only suffered memory loss.  No, X-24’s god damn head exploded like the T-1000’s in Terminator 2.  Just as you think the day is saved, Laura rushes over to her clone daddy to help.  Logan dies.  As he is about to pass, he says, “So this is what it feels like.” A lot of people have speculated that he is talking about peace.  I believe he is talking about death here.  The dude has watched countless people die.  He is now finally at rest.  X-23 buries Logan and leaves a cross on his grave.  As she is leaving, she turns back and tilts the cross to make an X, which is the final shot of the movie.  That, my friends, is a perfect ending to a character’s legacy.

Logan is more than a super hero movie.  It is a complex film about characters.  There are several layers and deep meanings in this final Chapter of the Wolverine.  I believe that Charles represents Logan’s humanity and humility.  When he dies, he doesn’t care about anything anymore.  He has a bullet that he has intended to use on himself for God’s sake.  X-23 represents Logan’s hope.  She gives him purpose again.  He makes himself get her to her safe zone and even learns to love her.  X-24 represents his inner demons.  The only thing that could kill an invincible man, was himself.  Guys, Logan is not only the best X-Men movie, it is the best super hero movie ever made.  Logan, without a single doubt, deserves 10 Crying, Dark Knight Fan Boys out of 10.  Yes, it beats The Dark Knight.  I said it.

A special thanks to Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart for the decades of nerdtastic awesomeness that they unleashed upon the world and my childhood.  I love you both.

P.S. My ONLY gripe with the entire movie is the little girl with ice breath.  You mean to tell me, that you have several different strands of mutant DNA at your disposal, and you decide to make a super soldier that has fucking ice breath?!  No wonder you allowed a hotel cleaning staff to release them all!

Overall Score: 10 out of 10