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Why Siege is One of the Best Multiplayer Shooters

Written by Justin Fleming

We all have our running jokes on the show. Maxwell loves the Alien film franchise, Travis can’t do a Jon Lovitz impression to save his life and I am always playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. We are 38 episodes in (we’ve recorded 39) and I don’t believe there is an episode where I don’t mention the game. This game is just fun and with a solid group of four other people you can play with consistently, it is easily one of the best multiplayer shooters around.

When the game launched in December 2015, it was pretty light on game modes. There was single player situations, Terrorist Hunt, Secure Area, Bomb, and Hostage. The whole argument of should a (mostly) online only game serve up a $60 price tag? EA did the same thing with Star Wars Battlefront earlier in the year. What makes Siege different is, while there is a season pass, you don’t need it. If you wait long enough, you can get all of the DLC for free. When new DLC comes out in Siege, it is done like this: one new map and two new operator; one for offense, one of defense. When they are released, everyone has access to the new map on day one and season pass holders get access to the new operators instantly on day one. Those without a season pass must wait a week or two and then must purchase it with in-game currency that is earned by playing the game. This is brilliant. You allow everyone to have the map, give everyone access to the operators, and keep the community intact. Too many times with Call of Duty, I have stopped playing because my friends were on the DLC maps and I wasn’t about to drop $15 on a map pack.

The DLC is pretty great too. The maps have great variety (no matter what Travis tells you), and the operators constantly change the game. Strategies that worked six months ago are no longer viable today due to new operators. It makes the game feel new and fresh each time there is new DLC.  Also, in between DLC seasons, they will release what they call “Reinforcements.” Reinforcements change existing DLC operators and maps to make them a little different. For example, Twitch possesses a drone that can fire a taser. Originally, you could not use Twitch during the preparation phase. Now you can and it changes the way the defense has to prepare. Do you really want to put down that Kapkan trap only to have the Twitch drone destroy it or do you want to wait until you’ve eliminated the drone but risk being spotted?

Ubisoft has been awesome. They announced an entire second year of free DLC and the first two operators and map just released a few weeks ago. This is truly top notch post release support from a major developer. The game has had its fair share of bugs too but they’re quick to squash them with patches.

My advice to you is: buy this game, make four friends, and play all night. It is what I have been doing for over a year now and I have no regrets.