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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Review by Terry

Summary:  After their headquarters is blown to smithereens, The surviving Kingsman, Eggsy and Merlin, journey to Kentucky in hopes to get aid from their cousins, the Statesman.  Together, they must stop this sequels villain, Poppy, from killing millions of people, world wide.

The Good: The action scenes, like the first film, are great.  Matthew Vaughn’s high speed shifts in camera angles and fast motion is unique and eye candy.  MOST of the actors do a great job here, especially Taron Egerton’s Eggsy, who owns the film. Pedro Pascal’s Whiskey stole the show.  Every scene that he was in, you can see that he was having fun.  An important part of the movie is the soundtrack/score.  The Kingsman music was also one of the best parts of the original, so of course its good here as well.  Good job to both Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson.

The Awesome:  The Statesman.. Wow.  I want a spinoff movie that focuses on their story.  It was genius.  Also, they used John Denver’s Country Roads a lot, which made me a happy West Virginian!


The Bad: Holy shit there is a lot of bad, which is super disappointing, as I’m a huge fan and wanted this movie to be amazing.  Instead of giving our characters simple objectives and playing it safe with the plot, (which I get, it’s a sequel so they weren’t going to do that) they have large amounts of subplots that could have been taken out of the movie all together.  Like, Eggsy having a dinner with his girlfriend’s parents, a SUPER awkward sex scene that involves a tracking device up a cooter, a political subplot that shows the US President wanting to kill all drug users, every scene that showed off the films wasted villain, and every stupid scene with Elton John.  Speaking of wasted characters, I hope you weren’t excited for Channing Tatum to kick some ass along side Eggsy and Harry, because guess what, the marketing lied.  He is barely in this film at all.  Also, Harry, who killed off from the first movie, shouldn’t have been in this sequel.  They should have saved him for a third entry.


The Shitty: Every scene with Elton John was stupid.  I love his music, but he was not necessary at all.  He even breaks the 4th wall..  Unnecessary deaths always leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.  Wonder Woman had one with Chris Pine’s character.  Star Wars had several, but I would have loved some more Darth Maul.  Kingsman: The Golden Shower killed Merlin for no damn reason at all.  Sure, they also killed Lancelot, but Merlin was an awesome character and his death didn’t create the impact the film wanted.  It pissed me off.  He steps on a land mine.  They literally have a baseball bat that is a land mine detector.  At least he died after he sang Country Roads.


HighSpeed Recap: In the end, Kingsman: the Golden Shower, suffers from identity crisis.  The first film felt like a modernized and new take on 007.  This one gets so over the top (Elton John, Robot Dogs, Human Meat Grinder) that it feels more like a spoof of the genre instead of a revamp.  It’s not unwatchable.  It’s just not good. This is easily one of the biggest disappointments of the year.  Hopefully, they learn from their mistakes, and make a way better third entry.  (And hopefully a Statesman spinoff) Kingsman: The Golden Circle gets a 2 out of 5.