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Nerds with Mics is a gaming, tech, and pop culture podcast. In addition to the show, they also produce content for their website, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel. 

Games to Play if You Miss SOCOM

Last year I wrote an article titled, The State of SOCOM. I discussed my love and history for the beloved third person shooter that helped pioneer online multiplayer on consoles. It has been six years since we last had a new SOCOM game and five years since Zipper Interactive, the developer, closed its doors. While I haven’t been able to replace SOCOM, I have found a few games that helps make the void a little smaller.

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Alien: Covenant Review

 I have been super eager to see this movie ever since I saw Prometheus, which I loved.  I was super excited to see what happened to David and Elizabeth. (the main characters from Prometheus) As a huge fan of the first 2 Alien films, (THERE IS ONLY 2 OF THEM) I have to love this one now right?  It has Alien in the title!  It MUST be great? Right?  …Eh.

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Let's Talk About Nintendo And Out Of Touch Decisions

Damn it Nintendo, You “Nintendoed” it up again. Do you not want our money? You sure act like you don’t. Lets start off with blaming the awful launch of the NES Classic on “we didn’t expect there to be much demand” to now just out right canceling production of it. If you guys are really that bad at the Supply and Demand concept then its amazing you haven’t run your company into the ground. That’s not it though, this is all because of one thing. You manufacture scarcity and you run yourselves like a toy company, not a video game and console developer. What I mean behind that is in the toy industry this is a distinct move that a toy company would pull. You barely release any of your new product on its launch and make sure that just a few people get whatever your new product is.

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Yooka-Kazooie Banjo-Laylee Review

You would think I would have stopped riding the hype train thanks to Duke Nukem Forever and No Man’s Sky but NOPE. I was wildly excited for Yooka-Laylee. The screen shots showed off this fantastic colorful art style, the small snippets of the world layouts looked exciting. Recalling a time when 3D performers ruled the Nintendo 64 and awkward camera controls were the norm.

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Analogue NT Mini

In the world of game collecting Analogue is seen as a company that exists only for the 1% of collectors out there to whom money is not an issue. It's like they heard the classic line of “If you have to ask how much it is, it’s too much” and created an entire business model around that. Analogue recently dropped the NT 24k Gold edition. For the measly sum of $4999.00 it can be yours!

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Logan Review

This review will have MAJOR SPOILERS, as it would not be fun to talk about this film without mentioning all of the awesome.  If you have not seen Logan, I advise you to go see it BEFORE reading this review.  So, if you’re ready, or just could care less to have one of the biggest movies of the year spoiled for you, let’s do this.  You have been warned!

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