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Ep. 66 - Destiny 2, Call of Duty WW2 Beta, and Star Wars Troubles

Episode # 66


  • Today we are talking about getting doo doo on your wrist, obligatory PUBG and Justice League news, and I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of movie directors suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…(dramatic pause)... All this and more, This is NERDS WITH MICS

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  • Hey everyone’s I’m Justin, and I’m Travis, … Episode 66, Recorded on August .  Nerds with Mics is a podcast about Movies, TV shows, Games, Technology and much more..

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Quick News Topics

  • Movie/TV News

  • BIG NEWS! Colin Trevorrow, the director of Star Wars Ep 9 is stepping down from the movie. Details, as of this recording, are scarce, so we don’t know why exactly other than Disney and Trevorrow had creative differences. Rumor is Rian Johnson or JJ Abrams will be brought back in to direct. - Justin

    • So lets dive a little deeper… why is this happening? If Disney has a vision in mind, why don’t they just tell the director upfront… make it this way instead of all of this turnover?

  • Speaking of Star Wars, Mark Hamill has joined forces with other celebrities and a former CIA member, Valerie Wilson. They have taken to social media to promote a GoFund me page that has a goal of a billion dollars in order to purchase Twitter and then ban Donald Trump from using it. Now this is a bit of satire as they don’t believe they will purchase the company however they do plan to send 100% of funds to Global Zero. Global Zero is a nonprofit organization leading the resistance to nuclear war. Here is what Valerie Wilson has to say,

    • "If we hit this goal, we'll use it to become Twitter's single biggest shareholder and leverage that position to enforce its rules against violent threats, intimidation and hate speech, and shut down Trump for good. If we don't hit that target but raise a lot of money along the way, we'll use that demonstration of public support to pressure Twitter to take action, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Global Zero, a nonprofit organization leading the resistance to nuclear war. (No matter what, I won't keep a penny of these funds or benefit financially in any way.)" - Travis

  • Ed Skrein, Ajax from Deadpool, has dropped out of the Hellboy reboot. His reasoning for the departure is that the character he was portraying, Major Ben Daimio, is of Asian heritage and Skrein is white. Skrein was unaware of this before taking on the role. - Justin

  • Killing Gunther- man… this is a movie that myself and Maxwell are really looking for to, and justin, you should be too. It’s an action/comedy starring an incredible cast which I will tell you about in a second. First, the premise: it’s a documentary being made about a bunch of assassins trying to kill the greatest hit-man of all time, Gunther. They don’t do so well as every time they attempt to take him out he is always ready and turns the tables. The cast includes Cobie Smulders (how I met your mother), Hannah Simone (new girl), Allison Tolman (Fargo), Bobby Moynihan (SNL), Taran Killam (SNL) who also wrote and

  • directs the film, and the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger - Travis


  • This past weekend was the worst Box Office performance in 16 years. Based on the top 12 movies currently out their combined was lower than $50 million. The Hitman’s bodyguard was the bread winner for the weekend and only managed $10 million marking the first time in 2 years that the number one spot was that low. - Justin


  • This wouldn’t be a complete episode if we didn’t add in some Justice League news- it’s been stated that this film will follow the timeline of Batman V Superman and will pick up where it left off. Justin be sure to finish that movie first. Supposedly the only reason this film is having such a hard time wrapping up is due to the scheduling issues of the cast members as they are shooting other films. It’s still set to release November 17 and I don’t know how this is going to be a success if they are still shooting and need time for post production. Obviously this movie will rely on a lot of special effects including the removal of Henry Cavill’s mustache. - Travis


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  • Gaming/Tech News

    • COD WW2 Beta Impressions - Justin

    • Destiny 2 Discussion - Travis and possibly Justin

    • Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds briefly overtook Dota 2 as the most played game on Steam with the most players at one time. PUBG had been close to beating Dota 2 in the past but this was the first time it actually overtook it. - Justin

      • If that wasn’t enough, the game has apparently sold two million copies in two weeks to bump its total sales numbers over 10 million games sold.

      • Also, Playerunknown showed off more of the new map, saying it would be much smaller but feature taller buildings. - Justin

    • The Boston Red Sox are in deep doo doo because of an Apple Watch. Well, probably not DEEP doo doo, but shallow doo doo. Apparently the team was using Apple Watches to steal signals of opposing teams and then relaying that information to the batter. That is a big no no and you will get doo doo all over yourself if you do that. - Travis


  • Misc.

    • We know I had been looking forward to the Mayweather/McGregor fight and I’m sad to say it was a boring performance for something listed as a Billion dollar fight. Nearly 10 full rounds with two of the heaviest hitters and nobody had a mark. Not a black eye, not a cut cheek, nothing. 10 million in McGregor’s pocket and 20 million in Mayweather’s pocket. $100 per pay-per-view purchase and a whole lot of disappointed customers. - Travis




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