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Ep. 68 - Apple's Keynote, Forza 7 and is Nintendo keeping their promise?"

Episode # 68


  • Today we are talking about John Ham in space, Apple announced all the phones, and what exactly do we get in the new Forza? All this and more, This is NERDS WITH MICS, Hello boys, I’m baaaack

  • Hey everyone’s I’m Maxwell, I’m Travis, and I’m Justin, … Episode 68, Recorded on September 17, 2017....  Nerds with Mics is a podcast about Movies, TV shows, Games, Technology and much more..

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Quick News Topics

  • Movie/TV News

    • We have some movie director news this week. First off, Patty Jenkins will be returning to direct the sequel to Wonder Woman which is good news since she crushed the first one. Next up, it was announced that JJ Abrams would return to write and direct Star Wars Episode IX. - Justin

        • Episode IX will be delayed from May 2019 to December 20, 2019.

      • Thoughts

      • Some fans are actually petitioning against Abrams because they felt the force awakens was just a retelling of new hope. They don’t want episode 9 to be a retelling of return of the Jedi

    • Who’s the best actress to sell you yogurt to help you poop? Jamie Lee Curtis, of course. Well she is back to helping us poop once again in the new Halloween movie. She will reprise her role as Laurie Strode and John Carpenter returns to as executive producer. As a reminder David Gordon Green and Danny McBride will be behind the writing and directing of this film which releases October 2018. - Maxwell

    • You know what’s a great movie? The Kingsman. You know what was an ok movie? Man of Steel. You know what would fix Man of Steel? Taking Director Matthew Vaughn and letting him run Man of Steel 2. While this is likely going to happen he will make The Kingsman 3 before we get to see it. - Maxwell

    • Since you two saw IT last week and loved it you’ll be happy to know that the directors cut will have 15 minutes of additional footage. - Maxwell

    • Another Fathom update! Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is playing in select theaters September 24, 25, and 27. This is actually in my top 5 favorite Miyazaki films so I highly recommend watching it if you have the chance. Interesting bit of info: the 24th and 27th are dubbed audio while the 25th is actually subtitled with original Japanese audio. I never looked at that with the previous releases but I assume they do that every time. - Maxwell

    • Tragedy has struck the crew of Netflix’s popular show, Narcos. Carlos Muñoz Portal, a location scout for the show, was shot and killed while scouting locations for the show’s fourth season. His death occurred in a violent part of the country, one that has the highest murder rate. Portal’s previous credits include Spectre and Fast and Furious. - Justin

    • Who didn’t Love Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream? Then you’d probably love Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, Mother, starring Jennifer Lawrence, right? Probably wrong. Probably all kinds of wrong. It is at 42% viewer rating and 68% critic on rotten tomatoes. - Maxwell

  • Gaming/Tech News

    • Apple Conference - Travis

      • Apple Watch 3

      • Apple TV 4k

      • iPhone 8

      • iPhone X (10)


  • There is no stopping PUBG. The game has broken Dota 2’s most players on at one time record. It passed the game for the first time a few weeks ago but now it holds the record for most concurrent players at 1,349,584. Dota 2’s record was 1,291,328- Justin

  • Fortnite amazingly appears to have PS4 cross-play with Xbox One players.  PS4 Fornite player get shot by Xbox One Player according to this video.  However, it looks like there may have been a big error (or is it?) In Fortnite, Epic Games’ co-op survival adventure, the guy in the video below is playing the game on PS4. What’s unusual though is that he gets killed by a gamer with the ID – zCypher Nine - claiming its an Xbox One player! Has there been a big mistake in enabling cross-play against Sony’s wishes? - Travis

  • So far, the Switch is making good on its promise to deliver more third party games. I’m not just talking about those stupid Rabbid games from Ubisoft either. At the latest Nintendo Direct, they announced that Bethesda would be porting over Doom and Wolfenstein 2. Doom is over a year old, but with Wolfenstein 2 coming, one of my most anticipated games of the year, this is huge. - Justin

  • Battleborn getting no more updates, 15 months after launch. Battleborn launch in early May 2016, followed three weeks later by Overwatch, cutting it’s launch price in half on the same day Overwatched Deducted. The two were rivals in the genre of colorful hero-based shooters but Battleborn could not get the kind of fan traction, particularly in lore, that Overwatch immediately enjoyed.  Battleborn went free to play at the beginning of June - Travis  

  • Travis, you used to have a download cap on your internet, right? Do you still have that? Well, Forza 7 just announced how big the game is and its not good. If you buy it on disc, the disc will hold 45GB of game data and you will be required to download the remaining 50gb of game. I’d assume the digital version is just a 95GB download. That is insane. - Justin


  • Misc.

    • Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Will voice Boba Fett in new Star Wars audiobook.          From a Certain Point of View — Del Rey’s upcoming collection of Star Wars stories about Star Wars: Episode IV — the publisher has enlisted the talents of Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Janina Gavankar and American treasure Neil Patrick Harris to help. From a Certain Point of View collects 40 stories in total, each written by a different author about a character from the movie. -Travis

Pick of the Week

  • Justin -

  • Maxwell - Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Travis - Historical Controversies



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