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Nerds with Mics is a gaming, tech, and pop culture podcast. In addition to the show, they also produce content for their website, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel. 

Ep. 51 - What TV Show Do You Want To Come Back?

This week the nerds discuss what television shows they want to see revived, Red Dead Redemption 2 is delayed, is Mario teaming up with Ubisoft and their Rabbids, and Far Cry 5 went American.

Battlefield 1 is finally catching up with the rest of the pack and a new Battlefield could be imminent, Microsoft launches Xbox Game Pass and we give our thoughts on Injustice 2.

Then the nerds discuss the recent changes around Justice League, we discuss the passing of Sir Roger Moore, Nathan Drake has been cast, Resident Evil might be rebooted, Top Gun 2 is a go, Vanity Fair has all of The Last Jedi news, and Travis and Maxwell discuss Alien Covenant.