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Nerds with Mics is a gaming, tech, and pop culture podcast. In addition to the show, they also produce content for their website, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel. 

Ep. 50 - Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows This Year (feat. MystiqueSiren)

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This week the nerds are joined by MystiqueSiren AKA Emily for our special 50th episode. Together, they break down the poll results from last week's question "What is the best movie and TV show from the last year".

The nerds then talk about the future of Mass Effect, a Parappa the Rapper successor on Kickstarter, is Zelda coming to mobile devices, Destiny 2 gameplay reveal hype (gross), and Ubisoft sets up an impressive year with sequels to Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, The Crew, and South Park.

Then the nerds discuss the new shows including Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, Craig Robinson and Adam Scott's Ghosted, and is CBS trying to bring back How I Met Your Mother? 

Then we talk about Robin William's last film, Deadpool is getting animated thanks to Donald Glover, and Tracy Morgan is coming back.

Then we go over all of the renewals and cancellations of your favorite show. 

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