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Ep. 72 - The Last Jedi, Harvey Weinstein, and Loot Box Obsessions

The week the Nerds talk about the new Star Wars trailer, if fandoms change the way people perceive movies and games, and they discuss the obsession with loot boxes in video games and how sexual harassment is not only confine to TV and film but also the gaming industry.

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta ended this week and while I enjoyed it, many people were concerned with the abundance of loot boxes. A loot box is an in-game item that can be obtained by purchasing it with real money or by earning them with in-game accomplishments. The player can then open the loot box to reveal an in game item. Some games choose to only give cosmetic items in their loot boxes, but the Battlefront 2 appears to be giving away better weapons and star cards, giving an edge to any player willing the spend the money and essentially making it pay to win. Many countries have gone so far to identify loot boxes as gambling and requiring the game publisher to publicly make the loot box odds available. Battlefront isn’t the only game to do this; other games include Overwatch, Middle Earth Shadows of War, Injustice 2, Forza 7, and more.

    • So what do you think? Is this an issue?

    • Is this gambling?

    • Do you buy into loot boxes?

    • Video games follow trends, is this just a trend that will be gone in a year or so?


  • Can we take a second to focus on the fact that Nov. 3 is Thor: Ragnarok and Nov. 17 is Justice League. What a month for two incredible movies. What do you think about the timing of these two and how it might affect each other.

  • I know we have talked about the issues behind Justice League and Zack Snyder a few times, but we may have more info. The DC President, Diane Nelson, wasn’t exactly happy with his take on the characters. She said the studio prefers a director-driven approach but Zack’s ideas didn’t necessarily line up with theirs. 

  • Who dies in Avengers 4? Atlanta is holding a casting call for Mourners at a funeral on October 23

  • Harvey Weinstein expelled from the Motion Picture Academy


  • So with the release of the new Star Wars trailer, which has made fans lose their minds with excitement.  It’s got me thinking about the term FANDOM and what kind of impact it has with the way movie & games are perceived.  The definition of FANDOM according to Wikipedia is a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.  I think about back to the Matrix trilogy,  I loved the first story,fighting all the above. However most people do not enjoy the other 2 movies.  A friend of mine at work loves all 3 Star Wars prequels.  I’m not a fan of the Call of Duty games after Modern Warfare 3 but I know people that love all of them.  What games or movies do you think this happens with and are there any games or movies you feel you’ve done this with? 

  • Group Polarization -phenomenon wherein the decisions and opinions of people in a group setting become more extreme than their actual, privately held beliefs. Example: After a discussion about racism, members of the group who are racist will defend their attitudes far more strongly than they would have beforehand.

  • Tron, Avatar, Resident Evil Series, Madea, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hunger Games, James Bond, Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars,

Pick of the Week

  • Justin - 

  • Maxwell - the new album from A Story Told - Good Looks. Start with the song Feel Bad

  • Travis - Road Redemption