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Ep. 71 - Blade Runner 2049, Best Sequels, and are Console Exclusives Bad?

This week we share our thoughts on Blade Runner 2049 and dig into the best and worst movie/game sequels. Are console exclusives good or bad? We are here to discuss it and find out.


Hey everyone, I’m Justin, I’m Travis, and I’m Maxwell. This is episode 71 of Nerds with Mics. A podcast about movies, TV shows, games, technology, love and loss… today’s episode is recorded on October 8, 2017. We would like to take a moment to thank Justin McElroy for joining us last week and to ask you to subscribe, leave us a review, and most importantly: share us with your friends!

Without wasting any time, what have you guys been up to?

  • Blade Runner 2049 - our thoughts


  • Did you guys like the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Well Gore Verbinski was the director and he may be taking on one of the greatest challenges yet. The standalone Gambit movie with Channing Tatum. This movie has struggled to find a director and gain traction since 2015 when the director of Planet of the Apes, Rupert Wyatt, backed out. I’m not sure if you guys saw the latest plot rumor but it may be an ocean 11’s style heist movie. - Maxwell


  • The developers of PUBG said they are “looking into” a PS4 version. However, Microsoft is now trying to lock down the game for at least a year to make it exclusive to just the Xbox. Now I think having console exclusives is a good thing. It sets the consoles apart. Forza and Halo on Xbox, God of War and Last of Us on PS4. However, one thing I disagree with is game content console exclusives or timed exclusives. I’m looking at you, Destiny 1 and 2. I feel like this alienates an entire group of players who maybe can’t afford both consoles. I mean, I know it’s about money and money talks but…this just seems like a bad practice. -  Justin

    • Discuss.

    • Other known offenders


  • I love the Alien franchise. To love it one must accept it but also think of Alien Resurrection as a fan-made film you watched on YouTube one day and that Alien Covenant was only a thirty minute part in the middle of another movie. Unfortunately Ridley Scott wants to make fans hate the franchise with his latest comments. He wants to steer the Story AWAY from the Xenomorph and follow more androids. - maxwell


  • So with the release of Bladder Runner 2049, a sequel to the original release almost 36 years ago.  It’s got me thinking that successful sequels isn‘t something that’s always easy to do as we’ve seen with such movies & games as : - Travis

Speed 2: Cruise Control, The Matrix Reloaded, Son of the Mask, Caddyshack II, Blue Brothers 2000, Robocop 2, Dumb and Dumberer, Teen Wolf Too, Candyman 2, Return to the Blue Lagoon, Weekend at Bernie’s II, Young Guns 2, Taken 2 Plus all the others, Honey,I Blew Up The Kid, Police Academy 2 annnnnndddd Dragon Age II, Goldeneye Rogue Agent, Perfect Dark Zero, Resident Evil 6, Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link, Devil May Cry 2, Metroid:Other M, Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2, Turok: Evolution


  • I wanted to discuss what movies & games that nailed being a sequel and may even be better than the originals.

  • Best sequels

  • Movies

    • Aliens -m

    • The Dark Knight - Travis

    • Terminator 2 - m

    • Batman Returns - Travis

    • Not Jurassic Park or avengers -m

    • Captain America: Winter Soldier - Travis

    • EMPIRE!! - Justin

    • Lethal Weapon 2 - Travis

    • The later Harry Potter movies - Justin

    • Spider-man 2 - Travis

    • Godfather 2 - Travis


  • Games

    • Not super Mario 2 -m

    • Time Splitters 2 - Travis

    • Super Metroid -m

    • Half Life 2 - Travis

    • Halo 2 -m

    • Uncharted 2 - Travis

    • Mass Effect 2 - Justin

    • Grand Theft Auto Vice City & Red Dead Redemption - Travis

    • My beloved SOCOM 2 - Justin

    • Street Fighter 2

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