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Nerds with Mics is a gaming, tech, and pop culture podcast. In addition to the show, they also produce content for their website, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel. 

Adam & Mike - video Podcast:

Two Guys with Raging Goals

Adam and Mikey are the Two Guys with Raging Goals conquering the world one podcast at a time. They are two best friends bringing nerdy conversations to YouTube every Friday for your enjoyment. Their conversations are rambling and fueled by bourbon but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at Two Guys with Raging Goals.


Fav Movies: Star Wars

Fav Video Game: Halo/Chrono Trigger

Fav TV Show: Beast Wars

Fav Super Hero: Spider-Man/Iron Man

Fav gaming Console: Xbox/SNES/N64


Nick - Content Creator:


Nick, known on Youtube as theNBeXperience, is from Rachel, WV.  He plays a variety of new and retro games. Nick has played video since a young age and has amassed a large collection of old and new games and consoles. He spends his weekend mornings going to yard sales and flee markets to add to his collection. His favorite games are JRPGs and action-adventure titles.  Nick also enjoys coming up with ideas for comedy skits and other creative projects. Check him out on Twitter and YouTube.


Fav Movie of All Time: The Shawshank Redemption

Fav Video Game of All Time: Final Fantasy VII

Fav TV Show of All Time: Futurama

Fav Superhero: Spider Man

Fav Game Console: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Emily - Twitch streamer:


Emily, known on Twitch as MystiqueSiren, you can also find her on TwitterInstagram, Facebook as well with the same handle.  She plays a variety of first person shooters, RPG's, MMO's, Action-adventure puzzle games (the cake is a lie) but mains as a Destiny Streamer.  She is from Ohio where you can have all four season in the dead of winter (not joking), works full time at a certain game retailer but her dream is to become a full time streamer.  Known for her blue hair and her ability to find any ledge in any game and fall off of it, multiple times, and not on purpose. Stop by the stream for some good laughs and mature rated content. ;)


Fav Movie of All Time: The Fifth Element, Leeloo Dallas Multi Pass!!!

Fav Video Game of All Time: No you can't make me choose! but.... I'll say Borderlands series!  Until Destiny 2 comes out that is =)

Fav TV Show of All Time: Lost, it has that pull on a person that makes you lose 3 weeks of your life while you binge watch. 0_o

Fav Superhero: Mystique, of course

Fav Game Console: I would say my favorite old console was the Super Nintendo and my favorite new console is the Xbox One


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