Every year, Geoff Keighley and his team put on The Game Awards and every year, it seems like the actual awards get overshadowed by the flurry of game announcements that occur. In fact, the show itself has become one giant advertisement, and I’m not complaining. With that being said, here are some of my BOLD and not-so bold game announcement predictions on what I think we might see at The Game Awards. Note… some of these are bold for a reason, because some are actually insane. Also note, some have already been announced, some have been speculated, and some I’m just making up! 

  1. Project 007 – It has been awhile since this game was announced and things were mostly quiet until recent months when details on how the project came to be were discussed. 
  2. Nintendo Switch 2 (just a tease, though) – Everyone knows Nintendo is working on something. While they will likely wait for a full Direct to showcase it, I could see us getting a tease. 
  3. Sea of Thieves 2 – First crazy one. The first game was a megahit, it has kept growing. It is time for them to build a new one.
  4. Spider-Man 2 DLC – This one might not sound so crazy, but my prediction is the DLC will leave Miles and Peter behind and put us in the role of Carnage. I think we might also get New Game Plus information. 
  5. Indiana Jones – We haven’t heard much except from the initial teaser trailer awhile back. I think we might actually get a trailer with substance. 
  6. The Division Heartland – Another game that has been in purgatory for awhile will get an open beta and maybe even a release date. 
  7. Killzone – That is right, Killzone is BACK… but it will be a PSVR 2 title only! 
  8. Some Star Wars game we didn’t even know was in development – Like Star Wars Eclipse surprised us a few years ago, we will get another Star Wars announcement trailer.

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