Weekly Blog – 03/18/2016

Hello everybody, this will act as our first “weekly” blog for Nerds with Mics. I put weekly in quotations because we may not churn out a weekly blog post every week, but will try to get one out as often as possible. Some weeks may have more than one, sometimes we may go two weeks without one. Our first priority is the podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, as you may have noticed, Nerds with Mics Episode 0 is available to listen to on our site and on iTunes, Android, and Google Play. This episode was recording just moments after we opened our equipment. We just wanted to get a feel for the software and see how we did in a free-flowing conversation. We noticed a few things that need work but was overall happy with the experiment. We will hopefully be doing an “Episode 0.5” this upcoming week. The goal is to have it actually be edited and published. Once we record and edit our true “Episode 1”, both of the test run podcasts will be removed.

Now, lets talk about nerdy stuff!

Sony announces PSVR price and release window – Earlier this week, Sony announced the PSVR will release this October and will be priced at $399. A more complete bundle will be released for $499.

Sausage Party trailer released online – I’m not even going to try to sum this up… just watch it and please don’t take your kids to see this!

X-Men: Apocalypse trailer release online – If you’re an X-Men fan, I know you’re excited about this one. This new movie looks so awesome and the trailer was fantastic.

Red Dead Redemption sequel rumored to be shown at E3; 2017 release – Wow… one of the best games to come out of the last generation might be getting a sequel and we might be getting a glimpse of it at E3 this year. I say might because it’s all rumors at this point. I’m sure Rockstar has at least thrown the idea around, but for it to be shown at E3 and released next year could be a stretch. I’m not counting it out though!

Bioshock Collection rumored for current gen consoles – The evidence for this just keeps stacking up. It has apparently been rated, box art has leaked online. I do find the timing odd especially since Microsoft accidentally sent an email out to its users yesterday that featured upcoming Backwards Compatible games. Included were Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite.

Is Sony updating the PS4 hardware? – In addition the PSVR announcement came a major rumor. Sony is supposedly working on updating the hardware for the PS4 and dubbing it “PS4K”. It would be capable of displaying 4K video and would include a graphics improvement.


Well that is all for this week. Look for us to hopefully put out Episode 0.5 next week and maybe we’ll be ready to put our first official episode out in early to mid April.

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